IndivisibleCT Says No More Wars

An Open Letter to Connecticut’s Senators & Members of Congress:

Indivisible Connecticut calls on our Senators and Members of Congress to resist President Trump’s march to war with North Korea. That includes Senator Richard Blumenthal who said that the United States should consider military action if North Korea fires missiles on Guam.

While we understand that it is important to support our allies in the region, it is unacceptable to the voters of Connecticut to repeatedly antagonize any country–let alone a nuclear power–in an attempt to improve poll numbers. The consequence of these reckless words can cost lives, and that is unacceptable. IndivisibleCT expects our elected officials in Washington D.C. to see President Trump’s drive toward another unnecessary war for what it is, and do everything within their power to stop it.

Please take into consideration that our reckless President may have ulterior motivations for being especially bellicose and violent in his rhetoric toward North Korea. And consequences of his actions may cost people their lives. We appreciate Senator Chris Murphy’s views on sensible but tough action on North Korea, but we also hope that when it comes down to it, he won’t enable the President to put our troops in harm’s way in an attempt to improve his approval ratings while putting American troops in harm’s way.

We call on you to reflect on the days leading up to the Iraq War, and be sure to exercise the power of Congress to stop this President from turning vague nuclear threats into the new WMDs.



The Members of IndivisibleCT

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