Statement on MTP Vote

Hartford, July 25th, 2017 – Today the United States Senate passed a procedural vote on the Repeal and Replacement of the Affordable Care Act. This new bill was crafted in a back room by Mitch McConnell. There have been no CBO scores, no public hearings, and many Senators did not even know what they were voting on until Tuesday morning. This bill would leave millions of Americans uninsured, or with less coverage and higher deductibles, yet massively cut taxes for the ultra-wealthy. This bill would be especially damning for the old, impoverished, and the sick. We, the members of IndivisibleCT, call upon our Senators, Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal, to do all in their power to kill this bill—and to lead the way with new ideas on how to improve the Affordable Care Act. Health care is a basic human right and we will not let the ACA go down without a fight.

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