Urge Democrats to Seize the Chance to Govern

I don’t know about you, but ever since the GOP’s failure to repeal the ACA, my Facebook feed is filled with headlines like this:

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 12.05.16 PM

I’m finding these types of stories especially interesting because I was part of a meeting with Congressman John B. Larson where grassroots activists repeatedly asked our representative about why the Democrats had not offered any solutions to improve the ACA, and why they lacked other bold ideas. His explanation came down to this: The Democrats have not been in the majority for 7 years, and have had to concentrate on beating back the ACA repeal. In other words, they haven’t been able to lead.

But people were also urging Larson and his colleagues to seize this moment–where so many liberals and progressives are mobilized–to lead and put forth new ideas. Again, Larson urged people to get out to vote in the midterms, and put Democrats back in the majority. I’m as focused on the midterm elections as anyone else–probably more so–but I can’t help but think Democrats have to give people a reason to vote for them, especially in traditionally Red areas. And that means putting forth new ideas.

So here’s my advice to Larson and his Democratic colleagues: You’ve got the ear of the people, and we’re ready and willing to mobilize. We managed to beat back the ACHA–which, by the numbers, should have been a done deal–thanks to outraged voters making their voices heard, and moderate Republicans hearing them. If you give people an idea to get behind, and tell them what’s needed to make it happen, they can pressure their Senators and representatives in Congress to get ‘er done–even if that delegation is Republican. If they won’t let you bring your ideas to the floor–or add an amendment–let us know and we’ll pick up the phone. And if they go against their constituency, well, then the Dems have something to run on in the midterms.

It won’t be politically easy, but someone needs to govern, and this is the chance to step forward and prove that Democrats are the adults at this party.

This is where we come in! Let your delegation in Washington D.C. know what you’re interested in, and that you would support their efforts–and more importantly, that there is a network of people in Republican districts who would also support those efforts.


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