Action: Ask Blumenthal to Demand a Nunes Investigation

Indivisbles, we have a chance to make an impact on the Russia investigation. How? Demand that the Democratic members of the Senate Judicial Committee formally request that the Justice Department investigate Devin Nunes for potential obstruction of Justice in the Russia investigation. (Thanks to Santa Cruz Indivisible for doing the leg work on this, and reaching out!)

Senator Blumenthal: (202) 224-2823

“I urge Senator Blumenthal and the Democratic members of the Senate Judicial Committee make a formal request to the Justice Department to investigate
Devin Nunes for potential Obstruction of Justice in the Russia investigation.

Devin Nunes, as the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has demanded and received FBI investigative documents that are considered law enforcement
sensitive and are rarely released or shared outside the bureau.

Based on his past and recent actions it seems highly probable that Nunes is using his position to either clear Donald Trump, and/or to clear himself of potential
involvement in the Russia investigation by subverting the Mueller special Council. Thank You.”

Architecture is avisual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.


–After the presidential election Nunes was a member of Trump’s Transition Executive Committee which included multiple persons who lied about their extensive contacts with Russians, and he worked closely with Michael Flynn who has plead guilty to lying to the FBI. Flynn has admitted to receiving directions from the Transition Team and relaying this information from the Russians back to the Transition Team.

Nunes has acknowledged that he was at least involved in fielding calls from foreign leaders and ambassadors who were trying to reach the then NSA designee Flynn.

–In February, Nunes, in response to the Russia inquiry, echoed the president by warning against a “witch hunt,” insisting that “there’s nothing there.”

–On March 28 Nunes:
• Snuck away to the White House,
• Got secret insider information from White House staffers,
• Ran over to visit Paul Ryan,
• Did a press conference,
• Returned to brief the White House on what the White House had already told him.

This escapade prompted Senator Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican, to compare Nunes to Inspector Clouseau.

–On April 6 Nunes was forced to step aside from leading the Russia probe after the House Ethics Committee began investigating whether he disclosed classified information during this escapades press conference.

–In June Nunes tried to make questions about unmasking “the focal issue” to divert attention away form the investigation.”

–On June 19 Nunes said “I never recused myself…This was essentially made up by the media.”

–In August Nunes sent two committee staffers to London to try to interview Steele without informing Conaway, the acting Chairman, of this trip.

–In Late August Nunes acting on his own, threatened to seek a “resolution to hold the Attorney General and Director of the FBI in contempt of Congress” if
they failed to turn over documents relating to their relationship with Christopher Steele and/or the so-called ‘Trump Dossier.’

–In September Nunes inexplicably hired Derek Harvey a Michael Flynn appointee and loyalist who was ousted in July by H.R. McMaster, the National
Security Advisor.

–In October Nunes, without informing the Democrats on the Committee, subpoenaed Fusion GPS, the firm that hired Steele to research connections between
Trump and Russia.

–On Oct 21 Nunes, on his own initiative, issued a subpoena to Fusion GPS’s bank for records in an attempt to track down who paid for the dossier.

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