Act to Save Healthcare at the State Level

While we were fighting to save the ACA, a health care disaster was coming to our state:

The state budget proposals (both democratic and republican) make MASSIVE, immoral cuts to state medicaid programs.

** 77,500 CT residents will lose ALL medicaid, entirely

**and many MORE people will lose all medicaid except for coverage of their Medicare Part B premiums (for instance, they will lose their coverage for copays, coinsurance and deductables — this amount of health care can easily reach into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for someone with chronic illness; in effect, it means that their access to necessary health care will also be eliminated).

Who are these 77,500 who lose all medicaid?

**68,000 are low income elderly and disabled who get medicaid through a Medicare Savings Plan
**9,500 are low income HUSKY A parents. (Note: it is expected that when parents lose their coverage, the state will see many children’s Husky insurance lapsing as well.)

**There are also additional unspecified proposed cuts to services of over $24 million

These people depend on medicaid to stay alive! The proposed budget will result in *a great many deaths* in Connecticut. These people are your friends and neighbors. They will not be able to afford their health care with these cuts, and they are typically the people who need health care the most.

What you can do:

***Call the governor, and your state senator & state representative (whether they are dem or GOP) and tell them that cutting medicaid programs (the MEDICARE SAVINGS PLAN for low income seniors/the disabled and the HUSKY A plan for low income parents) is immoral and unacceptable.

Tell them that cutting medicaid eligibility will cause more than 77,500 people in CT to lose access to health care, causing many deaths, and budget cuts should not come at the expense of human life. Cite the numbers to your state senator and rep. Tell them disabled sick people need their health care! Urge Governor Malloy and your legislators to consider broad bolder revenue options before allowing 77,500 CT residents to lose health care coverage with the passage of this budget — ask that the wealthiest CT residents be enlisted to pay their fair share, and more robust revenue options be included within the curre6nt budget negotiations.

***There will be a press conference this Tuesday, Oct 10 at the LOB at 11 a.m., in room 1B, sponsored by the DUE Justice Coalition, All Hands-on Deck Campaign & the Cross-Disability Lifespan Alliance.

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