Help Us Bury Trumpcare


Indivisible has a plan to stop Trumpcare: filibuster by amendment. Here’s the gist:

Republicans are using a special process called “reconciliation” to jam through TrumpCare. This means they only need 50 votes, instead of the usual 60, to pass it. But the trade-off is that they have to allow an unlimited number of amendments. Any Senator can file as many amendments as they want and then call them up for a vote on the Senate floor during a period called “vote-a-rama.” Democratic Senators can and should plan thousands of amendments and keep them going until Republicans agree to have public hearings on the bill.

By introducing tens of thousands of amendments, Democrats can slow down the process enough to draw necessary attention to Senate Republicans’ secret process and the disastrous impacts of their TrumpCare bill.

But this movement is predicated on the support of the people, and so we need you to act.

Go to and add your name to the form.

A copy of the amendments will then be sent to your senators’ healthcare staffers. Our elected officials need to know we have their backs, and want them to do whatever it takes to stop Trumpcare from denying 23 million people insurance.

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