Act for Philando Castile

tumblr_o9y8v7WaRH1snpq7go1_1280 2Since there does not seem to be any call to action in the wake of the Castile verdict, let me suggest some, and tell you why it’s incumbent on us to ACT.

1) If we do not make this a safer, better America for ALL, we will have failed.
2) Just because this may not affect you directly because you are not Black, spouse of a BPoC, or caregiver of a BPoC child, does not mean it’s not our responsibility to act. Do you speak out on education if you’re not in school or don’t have a child? Are you concerned about the environment because of consequences of our actions today 100 years from now? Then why is this any different?
3) It is the responsibility of those of us with privilege to use that privilege.
4) These are our neighbors. Our friends. Our colleagues.
5) This was all happening before 45, but it only has gotten and will get worse because it has made racism and a skewed Justice system moreso and more acceptable.

fb27025aaa166aab453b62676095dc57 2WHAT:
1) Look deep in ourselves for rooted racism. To pretend we are perfect is to be truly deluded. I have racist tenants deep inside of me that I continue to dismantle and unpack. So you do. Maybe this is why there are so many just standing idly by, shaking a head and moving on.

2) AMPLIFY Black voices. Don’t speak over them–because that is just another form of white supremacy. Share articles by Black authors, attend their lectures and bring your friends, share their statuses on social media.

3) Be an accomplice. March, sit, stand. Whatever.

4) DONATE: Communities United Against Police Brutality (based in Minnesota, where Philando Castile was killed) or Black Lives Matter or the ACLU or Southern Poverty Law Center…speak out with your dollars.

5) WRITE/CALL/EMAIL our lawmakers to tell them to resist and speak out against the changes in the Justice Department backing off of their involvement with local police departments and holding them accountable. Recognize that our laws and policies are built against People of Color, particularly Black and Brown folks.

6) We know this problem exists in Connecticut. Studies and probes have proven it. HOLD OUR POLICE ACCOUNTABLE. Yes, wonderful, wonderful people serve as law enforcement. Regardless, there is abundance racial profiling that has been proven in our state. Hold this as unacceptable.

Let’s use our voices and our power!

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