Swing Left Inaugural Meeting is a Hit

The first gathering of Swing Left – a national effort to “take back the House in 2018” – got off to a great start on March 4 with more than 600 house parties around the country. In West Hartford, a Swing Left house party attracted nearly 60 people (including several Indivisible CT members) crammed into a living room to be part of the effort. Sign-ups had to be cut off several days before the event.

Attendees came from as far as Litchfield and Guilford to learn about the organization and its goal of flipping the House in the midterm elections. The Swing District for the Connecticut group is House Congressional District 19 in the Hudson Valley and Catskill regions of New York.  John Faso is the Republican incumbent.

In upcoming months, Swing Left will be recruiting more volunteers and will be visiting the District to register voters and begin to build relationships. District visits will be held monthly and will consist of door-to-door canvassing and high-traffic area canvassing. The first visit is tentatively scheduled for April 22.

Swing Left is partnering with Knock Every Door for instruction/guidance with canvassing, and training will be held locally later this month.

Supporters who can’t visit the District will be charged with building the ranks of volunteers here in Connecticut and helping with phone calls once the election gets closer.

For more information about Swing Left and House District 19, visit www.swingleft.org. To join our local email list, contact Rosemary O’Neill.

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