The Flip Side of Grab Your Wallet

By this point we’ve all heard about the Grab Your Wallet campaign, which urges people who oppose the Trump Administration’s agenda to vote with their wallets and avoid companies that have “supported” the campaign and/or presidency of Trump. That being said, I personally hope you’ve done some homework to decide for yourself which of these companies truly belong on your personal boycott list. (For instance, I feel pretty strongly that L.L. Bean is a good corporate citizen and does not belong on this list.)

But what’s the opposite of a boycott? There are plenty of companies that have earned our explicit support by opposing specific Trump policies and equally heinous acts coming out of the Republican Congress. Here’s a short–and definitely incomplete–list of companies you may want to spend a few extra dollars with:


Location: West Hartford

In the wake of the Travel Ban, REI’s CEO reached out to employees with an internal memo, expressing his concern over the actions of the administration. CEO Jerry Stritzke wrote:

Over the course of the first week alone, we’ve witnessed actions that conflict with our co-op values on issues including climate, the environment, women’s rights and the singling out of individuals based on nationality and belief. These issues are core to the health of the outdoors and the ideals of our nation.

There were plenty of customers who weren’t happy with this stance. But it probably doesn’t surprise those of you who are already Co-Op members, REI also vowed to fight back:

We will also be deliberate about how we make a positive impact. We will focus our advocacy efforts on public lands, climate change and equality for all. We are committed to taking action in these areas because believe REI can unite people across the political spectrum.


Location: Westport (& in stores like REI)

Continuing with the outdoor trend, Patagonia has also taken a stance against Trump and a Republican Congress hellbent on rolling back environmental predictions. Specifically, Patagonia threatened to pull out of the Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah over the state’s plans to roll back National Monument Status for Bears Ears. But they’ve been walking the walk for a while. They spent $1 million on a get out the vote campaign, shut down on Election Day, and donated its Black Friday profits to environmental causes.

Other outdoor retailers, like Black Diamond (which you probably don’t know unless you’re a rock climber, but if you are, call me!) also threatened to pull out of the Outdoor Retailer Show, and finally forced the trade show to move out of Utah.

Local Businesses

On a more local level, a number of stores, theaters, and restaurants have supported the resistance in their own way. Bear’s Smokehouse offered discounts to attendees of the Women’s March in Hartford. Hartford Baking Company raised money for the ACLU. And the list goes on. Here’s the list we’ve compiled so far (and feel free to email us if you know of a company that should be added to the list):


Long before the Travel Ban, Chobani was helping refugees. The company’s founder is a Turkish immigrant, and has been committed to employing refugees in his two yogurt factories. In fact, he’s drawn the ire of some for doing so. Greek Yogurt isn’t for everyone, and even fans tend to be picky about their brands, but next time you’re in the dairy aisle, you may want to consider giving Chobani some of your hard-earned dollars.


There are other companies opposing Trump, or at least very specific policies. For instance, here is a list of companies opposing the Travel Ban. Here are companies that have cut ties with the Trump family in general.

Being a conscious consumer is always important. We hope that you are always at least thinking about the conditions for workers who makes your clothes, the impact what you eat has on the environment, and whether or not you really need to upgrade that phone every time a new one comes out. But the decisions you make about what you buy are more important than ever. Hopefully this list helps get you started down the right path.

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